BEMER Therapy

BEMER Therapy

Blood circulation plays a significant role in our bodies; it distributes blood, oxygen, and nutrients to muscle tissues. But due to disease, aging, or bad living habits, we can develop poor blood circulation and put a strain on blood vessels. Inadequate circulation to muscle tissues over a long period can lead to chronic pain and soreness.

Our individualized treatments at Well Being Neuropathy Relief Center in Roseville specifically address blood circulation issues and muscle strength. Our Physical Vascular Therapy with BEMER devices improves the impaired blood flow and oxygenation of muscle tissues.

Benefits Of Physical Vascular Therapy

People with weakened muscles can see significant improvement when they start using the BEMER, as it supports muscle tissue recovery processes by:

  • Improving local blood flow
  • Improving oxygen delivery to muscle tissues
  • Strengthening and conditioning muscles
  • Expanding physical performance and recovery

How Physical Vascular Therapy Works

The BEMER device is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device that improves muscle health. This device uses electromagnetic pulses to enhance local blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles. When you have more oxygen, muscle recovery functions correctly, and overall wellness is improved.

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