Have You Tried Everything For Your Peripheral Neuropathy?

Welcome to Well Being Neuropathy Relief Center in Roseville, CA. We have the privilege of working with people who have neuropathy. Our unique system of treatment helps patients rebuild and regrow nerves through increasing circulation, in-office therapies, home therapies, and through diet and nutrition. Dr. Van Wagenen and his patients are happy with the results that our treatments continue to produce, and we are looking forward to welcoming you into our Roseville office so we can help you manage your neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a medical condition in which the nerves in the body are damaged by other medical conditions such as diabetes, chemotherapy, sciatica, and complex regional pain syndrome among many other causes. According to the national Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “An estimated 20 million people in the United States have some form of peripheral neuropathy” (ninds.nih.gov, 2018). Symptoms from neuropathy include burning and stabbing pain, numbness, tingling, and sensitivity to touch.

At Well Being Neuropathy Relief Center, Dr. Van Wagenen, DCBCN provides neuropathy treatment in Roseville, CA to help patients rebuild and regrow nerves damaged from peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain.

Conditions We Treat

Burning & Stabbing Pain

Many symptoms can range from numbness and tingling to paresthesia (stabbing feelings) and muscle weakness.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy is a group of nerve disorders that are directly caused by issues from diabetes.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

CRPS is a painful condition that causes severe swelling & changes in skin color, temperature, and texture that varies in severity.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

RSD is a combination of symptoms including pain, tenderness, and swelling in the limbs and it is often accompanied skin conditions.

Postherpetic Neuralgia

PHN is a condition in which pain arises following the healing of an outbreak of rashes or blisters from complication with the shingles virus.

Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy

CIPN is caused from the drugs and chemotherapy to treat cancer, which damage the peripheral nerves in the process.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Key Facts and Information
  • You can prevent your body from destroying your nerves
  • The process is simple, and it doesn’t involve taking more pills
  • Neuropathy and nerve damage exist and they are painful, but there are steps that can help
  • Specific requirements enable the nerve healing process regardless of the type of neuropathy you have been diagnosed
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Our Doctor

Dr. Brian Van Wagenen, DCBCN
Peripheral Neuropathy

What our happy patients say

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I have been suffering from pain coming from my neck and protruding down my back for several years, Stiff neck, pinched nerves, dislocated ribs; the problems just seemed to be too many to solve. They would have been too many to solve for most doctors. Fortunately, Dr. Van Wagenen is not “most doctors”, thank God! I have been a patient at Well Being Health Center for six weeks and the results have already changed my life in a wonderfully positive way. Dr. Van Wagenen addresses his patient’s with the only way that truly does solve any and every health related problem that affects them. This solution is; beginning a personalized journey to improve your overall well being. My journey here has just begun, but in six short weeks, Dr. Van Wagenen has helped to rid my body of most of the pain that kept me from peace and happiness for years. His muscle testing technique automatically pin pointed the exact issues that were causing pain and weakness in my body.

WONDERFUL DOCTOR!! I have been a patient of Dr Vanwagenen for 18 years. When I was born I was vomiting every day. Projectile like. He diagnosed the problem and immediately fixed the problem. Surgery avoided. He has kept me healthy and has been able to fix any problem that pops us with my body. He is a miracle worker. He gets to the root cause of the problem and wont just put a patch on the problem. Kinesiology is such a wonderful art. Thank you for all you have done for me!

When we first moved the Sacramento area in the spring, my wife had an issue with allergies that rendered her pretty much non functional. She was so sick at times that she could not get out of bed. I was able to get her in to see Dr. Brian and in short order she was back to her normal vibrant self. We are eternally grateful and amazed at the work he did with her and the results he was able to get so quickly. It is rare to find such a qualified doctor that takes the time to really listen and help his patients. Thank you Dr. Brian!

Absolutely an exceptional experience. I just love that you can get a full physical without taking off all your clothes, giving blood or peeing in a cup. Totally non-invasive and intuitive. On the money every time and over time has lead to better health over all. We are dedicated to our good health and through experience have learned that it is all up to us to do the follow through, ie. exercise, good food choices, taking additional supplements that our body’s need and getting the appropriate rest. I just wish Doctor Van Wagenen would move back to Austin, TX, so I could see him more often. Coming to Austin any time in the future Doc?