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Stiff Neck, Pinched Nerves, & Disloacted Ribs

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I have been suffering from pain coming from my neck and protruding down my back for several years, Stiff neck, pinched nerves, dislocated ribs; the problems just seemed to be too many to solve. They would have been too many to solve for most doctors. Fortunately, Dr. Van Wagenen is not “most doctors”, thank God! I have been a patient at Well Being Health Center for six weeks and the results have already changed my life in a wonderfully positive way. Dr. Van Wagenen addresses his patient’s with the only way that truly does solve any and every health related problem that affects them. This solution is; beginning a personalized journey to improve your overall well being. My journey here has just begun, but in six short weeks, Dr. Van Wagenen has helped to rid my body of most of the pain that kept me from peace and happiness for years. His muscle testing technique automatically pin pointed the exact issues that were causing pain and weakness in my body.

Allergies Relief

When we first moved the Sacramento area in the spring, my wife had an issue with allergies that rendered her pretty much non functional. She was so sick at times that she could not get out of bed. I was able to get her in to see Dr. Brian and in short order she was back to her normal vibrant self. We are eternally grateful and amazed at the work he did with her and the results he was able to get so quickly. It is rare to find such a qualified doctor that takes the time to really listen and help his patients. Thank you Dr. Brian!

Nutrition Counseling with Treatment

I came to Dr VanWagenen with a bad lower back, extreme anxiety, tingling and numbness in my extremities that would go on 24/7, beginnings of plantar fasciitis, keeping at attention issues and finally an extremely bad neck due to a severe pinched nerve. After adjustments, suggestions on diet and vitamins/Supplements along with other little suggestions on life’s everyday habits, my life has changed drastically in a VERY positive way!I no longer have back and neck issues which alone right there is a massive game changer in my life. Due to diet change and supplements, my anxiety is nearly non existent (have been able to get off of my anxiety medication, which he also helped with alleviating my withdrawals while doing so), My Plantar Fasciitis never turned full blown and actually reversed to the point that I can run better than ever.I now feel like a healthy human being. I don’t feel as though I am constantly worrying about my health, which is something that I never thought possible.

Totally Non-Invasive and Intuitive

Absolutely an exceptional experience. I just love that you can get a full physical without taking off all your clothes, giving blood or peeing in a cup. Totally non-invasive and intuitive. On the money every time and over time has lead to better health over all. We are dedicated to our good health and through experience have learned that it is all up to us to do the follow through, ie. exercise, good food choices, taking additional supplements that our body’s need and getting the appropriate rest. I just wish Doctor Van Wagenen would move back to Austin, TX, so I could see him more often. Coming to Austin any time in the future Doc?

I never get nauseous for no reason anymore

I’ve been seeing Doctor Van Wagenen (or Doc V, as I refer to him) for a number of months now and felt it was a good time to leave a review. First off, if you do go see him… his methods seem a little weird. However, weird or not, he’s been able to pinpoint 95% of my problems and remove them. For the past 10 years or so, I’ve dealt with an issue in which I get a random case of nausea…after food, on the way to work, mid conversation, just before falling asleep…didn’t matter. Saw multiple doctors and none of them were able to do a single thing for me. Doc V determined that there were actually a few things linked to my issue, and started addressing them one by one. Now I can say, that I never get nauseous for no reason anymore. I used to eat Wint-O-Green mints constantly (as I found those to be the best at keeping an upset stomach calm), but now I don’t need them at all.

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