Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF exercise devices from Pulse Centers use pulled electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to immerse low energy cells in pure, raw energy. Each cell in your body works like a battery and can hold a charge. As humans, our entire body is electrical and each of our cells needs a considerable amount of electrical charge to function at their best. In order for us to maintain good wellness, our cells need to do their jobs. PEMF exercise was designed to support the body’s natural abilities to enhance balanced body function.

The Pulse X1 system provides pulses mechanically, but also offers simultaneous use of two body-application accessories. It is a compact version of the PEMF devices. It is portable and ideal to use in wellness-based facilities. It delivers the same safe and biologically compatible electromagnetic fields emitted by every other exercise system from Pulse Centers PEMF, while using a modern LED screen. Pulse X1 provides easy user access for regulating the strength of the magnetic field and it can be programmed for up to 90 minutes of session time.

Conditions Treated Include:

Torn ligaments

Bone fractures



Sports Injuries



Varicose veins

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF stands for “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field” and is simply a cellular exercise used to improve circulation and cell metabolism. The device induces electrical currents in our bodies similar to the Earth’s frequencies. This can help restore restricted ion flow and promote the body’s regeneration process.

  • Restoring and optimizing healthy cellular metabolism
  • Decreasing the viability of pathologic microorganisms in a person without harming the host or the beneficial/symbiotic organisms
  • Improving lymphatic flow and drainage, usually from inflamed and congested tissue
  • Healing soft tissue wounds
  • Effectively healing severe fractures, especially ones that have failed to heal

The purpose of PEMF therapies is not to diagnose or give specific indications for treatment of disease (FDA approval). These therapies focus on improving health through the optimization of cellular and tissue vitality. And because of this, our own healing potential can prevail.