Exercising with Diabetic Neuropathy

Exercising with Diabetic Neuropathy
Dealing with diabetic neuropathy daily is a difficult task because of the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. Most who suffer from diabetic neuropathy have a tough time staying active because of the stiffness and pain that activities cause them. Unfortunately, people don’t necessarily need to be active for symptoms to arise. Symptoms such as burning, tingling, and numbness are most commonly felt in the hands, arms, legs, and feet. Areas of the body that are affected by peripheral neuropathy have a very high chance of becoming sensitive to the touch.

Eventually, peripheral neuropathy in the legs and feet may result in severe weakness in the lower half of your body. In fact, it is very common that a person will start to lose balance frequently, which makes exercising dangerous based on the sensitivity of the body and how brittle the bones can become from diabetic neuropathy.

Before deciding to start a workout program, it is important to have a plan for pain management. Dealing with pain when all you want to do is destress during a workout can be frustrating and may even thwart you exercise plans. However, there are ways for you to decrease the amount of pain you feel from nerve damage. At Well Being Neuropathy Relief Center, we can provide you with resources that can show you the best way to avoid injury during a workout and which exercises will be the most effective with the least amount of pain. We can also advise you on how to make positive movements and stretches that fit your body type and strength and which will have the lowest chances of causing you discomfort.

The best advice that can be given to you is to make your diabetes a top priority in your life and seek consistent treatment for neuropathy. We recommend checking your feet daily, wear socks to keep your feet dry, and buy shoes that provide a snug comfortable fit to avoid blisters. People with diabetic neuropathy can develop blisters very quickly, and those blisters can just as easily become infected, causing additional medical problems. Can you image having to amputate a toe just because you wanted to wear a fancy shoe that caused blisters? I’m sure you can workout without the fancy appeal for the sake of your toes.

If you are suffering from diabetic neuropathy and you are looking to increase your blood flow through an affable workout routine, rest assured that help is available. At Well Being Neuropathy Relief Center , we can help you find pain relief for your peripheral neuropathy symptoms. Don’t wait until your pain is unbearable, call (916) 945-9800 today to get back on your feet today. Call (916) 945-9800 now!

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