The Risk of Depression for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Patients

The Risk of Depression for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Patients
People with diabetes have learned to live with complicated health conditions, and when peripheral neuropathy become another condition added to the list of detrimental conditions, a person’s mental health may take a toll as a result. In fact, studies have provided clarity on the subject indicating that diabetic patients have “a greater risk of depression” than most people (, 2014). Once nerve damage from diabetes becomes an issue, the chances of depression becoming a dominant condition rise exponentially.

According to the research results of Dr. Vincenza Spallone, who works in the Endocrinology Unit in the Department of Systems Medicine at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, “painful diabetic polyneuropathy is a greater determinant of depression than other diabetes-related complications and painful symptoms enhance depression severity more than objective insensitivity” (, 2015). Unfortunately, having to search for a doctor that can provide treatment for another painful condition can only add to the stress.

In an interview with about the conclusion of her research and the connection between the two conditions, Dr. Spallone also indicated two possible explanations for a link between diabetic peripheral neuropathy and depression: the impact of chronic pain and the possibility of abnormalities in the central nervous system (, 2016).

This conclusion directs attention to the undoubtedly major influence that chronic pain from peripheral neuropathy can have on an individual with diabetes. Fortunately, at Well Being Neuropathy Relief Center , we can certainly help with nerve damage, and, hopefully, that will help ease the feeling of depression.

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